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Handmade, Custom Leather Goods

Every item we make is hand drawn straight to the leather itself. Individually designed to meet our customers specific needs. We use only the highest grades of leather available and guarantee every product we make to be as unique as the individual it is designed for. Be sure to check out our gallery to see some of our more popular items but don't hesitate to inquire about having something you don't see made just the way you want. Keep in mind these are individually designed items and there is a wait time associated with each order, Plan accordingly to ensure an on time delivery. 

Online Guides and Video Instruction
Putting pencil to leather. #thedustyhide

Whether its a private class or a group of 60 people, we have done them all. We can accommodate for any situation. Teaching this craft is a passion of ours and we look forward to sharing that passion with you. Contact us for availability and pricing options.

If you are a seasoned crafter looking to take your work to another level or a beginner looking for direction, we have put together some great resources to help you out. Our guides and videos cover everything from drawing to finishing projects.  Be sure to stop by our online store to see what we have to offer and to find exactly what you are looking for. 

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